Friday, December 7, 2012


Hey everyone, I have some major news that I'm super stoked to tell you all about.

I've said numerous times that I was planning on writing other pieces, short stories, and even bigger things as well as working on my novel Hungry Eyes. Well, I have some news regarding this.

I'm working with author Lindsay Pate on a story series that will be posted on both of our blogs every monday. What this means is that every monday, a 500 word piece will be posted. The same story will continue, monday after monday, and so on. We will both be taking on a different roll within the story, and I'm extremely excited to be working with her.

If you have never heard of her, you should probably go check out her blog, and read some of her work. She's a young writer like me, and she is tremendously talented. 

On Monday, the 10th, I will release the title of the story-series, as well as a little bit of information regarding what it's about. The start date will be announced soon also. 

Again, both of our blogs will be posting this story.