Monday, December 31, 2012

After tonight.

Awhile ago, I wrote this short story. I am currently writing this story into a full novel, Hungry Eyes. 

A short story written by Corey Seeley

After tonight, I vow to keep your memory alive
After tonight, I will struggle to keep any memory alive
After tonight, I know that you're real
After tonight, I am going to find you

When you meet someone, whether it's at a coffee shop, a bar, the library? Anywhere you happen to meet people. Let's say, in this story, you met her in a bar. You communicate; learn about each other in the quick average 10-15 minutes that you get a chance to make an impact. Well, you made a pretty big impact. Out of every guy in this bar, she lets you buy her a beer. She drinks beer? Yes, this means this girl is already better than the other 5 girls you've chatted with tonight. Why do you still refer to them as girls? You're 22 years old, these females are women now. Grow up! So... she opens up, a little. She's telling you about her past, letting you in. You ask her if you could bum a cigarette off of her, she smiles and says yes. The night goes on, and two hours later, she calls for a cab. You're a gentleman tonight, so you wait with her. A cab pulls up, as she is opening the door, she turns back to you, and gives you a hug. A long hug, approximately 6 seconds long. An average hug is 3 seconds, at most. Anything more than 3 seconds is an emotional gesture. Remember, a full second is a Mississippi. As the 6 second hug comes to and end, she lays her lips upon yours. Her red lipstick, a warm sensation of cherry tingles your tongue. She smiles at you, and gets inside of the taxicab. Little did you know, you would never see her again? Why? Because she doesn't exist, She's a fixation of your pathetic imagination. You're still in a coma, you dickhead! You won't taste lipstick, because you can't taste anything. You're pretty much dead. Come to terms with this, and stop dreaming. 

I’m not dead. I’m here; she was here. She’s the only thing I can actually remember, and I know she is real. An imagination of a moment so pure, wouldn’t have felt so existing. My fingers, they tremble. I need to wake up. Please, wake me up.

When you’re dead, I’m alive. When you’re alive, I am dead. I have the memories you will require in order to find her. The only memory I can leave you with, is that night. She’s in trouble… Caden… go save her, before the memories fade away from me as well…

After tonight, she’s inches from death
After tonight, you’ve died twice
After tonight, those 6 seconds will be missed
After tonight, I vow to keep her memory alive

“We have a pulse.” “Keep it steady.” “He’s responding.”
Voices, they surround me. All around me, voices, names, questions. I won’t respond, because I merely don’t know how. I do not know where I am, or who I am. I recall one memory, like it was yesterday. I feel hungry, hungry for something.


  1. Interesting. Reminds me a little of Troy Blackford's stuff in that I like it, but am not quite sure I've really understood what's happening in the story.

  2. I love the tone of this and it works really well as a teaser for a novel. Left me wanting to read more - hope the novel's not gonna be a long wait!

  3. This is brilliant Corey! Loved it! It made me so curious and a little sad. But, I liked that about it. Beautiful! I cannot wait to read your novel!!!

  4. Hello Corey, I came across your blog and fell in love with this short story. Are you open to the idea of selling the rights of this story or others perhaps? I like the style of your writing and I have something in mind. I will contact you through email.

    Hope to hear back from you.